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Our team — our pride

We are proud of the people we work with. Before being recruited, all employees have managed to accumulate a significant baggage of experience and knowledge, which they continue to supplement and in the studio.

Each of them is a professional and altogether we create a high quality product for your business taking into account all its specifics and subtleties.

Individual approach

In developing complex systems, it is important not to act stereotypically but to approach them individually by considering the context. Therefore, we do not use templated solutions, don’t remake someone else’s works and are not accepting half-measures. Your project will be supervised by the studio manager who knows how to speak in plain language and will bridge you with the developers.

About the Site development

Our competitive advantage and our credo is the quality of the products we do.

In order not to bore our client with dozens of failed presentations, we implement quality control at all stages carried out by our technical and art directors before the product will be shown to the client.

Cost estimation

To properly evaluate the project, we have to understand the real needs of our customer. So before to state the final price, we ask our client a lot of questions related to the formulation of the problem we are to solve.
Sometimes it may seem that we need a drill, but in fact we need holes.

We know how to understand our customer well enough to consult and to save him money.

Website design and development

We create Internet-projects which are distinguished by interesting design, literate information content, forethought structures, and ultimately – by its efficiency for the customer.

Probably, all of this – thanks to the experience, as well as unity of creative work and advanced technologies.

Every website made by us is the unique one, but when we create any resource we perform unchangeable operating procedure:

  • Goal setting and general concept development of the project;
  • Preparation and writing of technical design specification;
  • Creating design and navigation system;
  • Connection of control system and website administration;
  • Statistics system adjustment;
  • Additional services development;
  • Stuffing of resource by information content;
  • Website testing;
  • Optimization of the resource for its best perception by search engines and registration in the most popular search engines;


We guarantee the quality of works at all stages of the project. The experience of our specialists is a guarantor of the future resource quality.

After the project opening, we will be glad to offer you services in support of your resource in the Internet. Thus, after the completion of work on the website creation, you will not be left face to face with your resource. Our company is looking for long-term partnership relations.

Websites for business

The purpose of our work is Internet-resources creation, which will provide benefit to our customers.

In the creation process we set clear targets to be achieved, so the project will bring returns desired for the client. In our work we always aim at achieving concrete results.

Tasks, which we solve successfully with the help of latest Internet technologies:

  • Introduce manufacturer to the market;
  • Searching for investor;
  • Organization of distributor’s work;
  • Optimization of interaction with geographically remote customers;
  • Direct selling organization from the website;
  • Integration of external and internal information resources of the company (intranet-systems creation for the company’s employees);
  • Objects display (promo)
  • and etc.

Website support

There are tasks, from the solution of which largely depends the success of your Internet-project. Each website has its own set of such tasks, but the common success factor for all projects is fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • Constantly updated information about your company, sales promotions, products, and etc.  
  • New relevant information materials, which will be interesting to a potential visitor.
  • Information about all changes on the website is sent to the persons concerned.
  • You quickly and accurately respond to all the requests of the visitors.
  • You constantly analyze the traffic of your website and update its content and structure.


Each of the items listed above requires time outlays and special skills.

Therefore we offer you to entrust the whole complex of necessary works on support and development of the Internet-resource to our specialists.

We are ready to provide:

  • Regular updating and adding different information to your website.
  • Optimization of text materials with consideration for Internet peculiarities.
  • Photos for the product catalogue.
  • Adding new sections and separate pages, editing existing categories and order they appear on the website.
  • Tracking of orders, requests and feedback of visitors coming to the website. Corresponding notification of the website owners.
  • Collection and analysis of statistics of traffic ranking.
  • Working-out of plans on development and promotion of the resource. Monitoring of competitors’ actions in the network.
  • Monitoring and correction of the website’s work.
  • Information backup.

At the present time, specialists of RISIRISA are ready to provide remote support services of websites of any complexity and software regardless of the customer’s location. You can send an application for the remote support by e-mail ris [at] risirisa.com.  Please, specify the address of your website and describe the needs for updating or information replenishment.

Selected Web development works from our portfolio


The Stars-Bridge group was founded in 2010 with the purpose of supporting and promoting contemporary Russian artists.


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