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How Interactive Virtual Tour can serve you?

Virtual tour features

Additional features for Corporate CD/Desktop Presentation

  • Whole presentation in a single file
  • Presentation update option for a clients
  • Auto run option for a corporate CD
  • Interactive mode – user has full control over presentation
  • Auto-Play mode – displays all or chosen virtual scenes automatically in a loop. Auto play mode option is useful in occasions which require auto display on the big screens such as offices, fairs, hotel lobbies etc. Switching from interactive to auto mode and vice versa is available at any time.
  • Integration of all marketing and sales materials such as videos, brochures, price lists, maps, photos, contact and reservation forms

Virtual tour prices

What people say about Virtual tours

Media, Media, Media … Visuals SELL hotel rooms… show them off! Virtual Tours are GREAT selling tools that let you show off your hotel.Virtual Tour help us engage more people online and attract more bookings.

– David Attardi, Director of E-Commerce (B.F. Saul — Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner)

We’re excited about our new Virtual Tour because it makes it easy for travel shoppers to explore our hotel. It gives them the option to view our hotel 360 pictures in full screen so that they can really get a sense of what we offer!

– Stefanie Beaudin, Marketing and E-Commerce (Best Western City Centre / Centre-Ville, Quebec City)

The Virtual Tour has significantly improved the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood’s online presence by displaying 360 photos, video and written descriptions in an easily navigable format on our site. It’s such a cost effective and powerful hotel marketing tool that we are adopting it for additional properties!

– Melissa Bruckler, Hospitality E-Commerce Consultant (Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood)

Our Virtual Tour shows a true sense of our property at every angle and every aspect. It seals the deal for our guests, especially when they can’t do a “physical site” first! People love virtual tours and are coming to expect them! I believe that drives more business back to our brand site.

– Ronni Anderson, Director of Sales (Embassy Suites Nashville Airport)

Virtual tour FAQ

What is a Virtual Tour?

Spherical 3D panoramas and virtual tours using 360°х180° panoramic projection and interactive control are modern and effective way to promote your business. Viewing 3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours do not require high data transfer rate, which allows to place and actively promote it in the Internet. 3D panorama (alias virtual, spherical, circular, cubic panorama) is a special photograph, covering all the space around a single point, 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. Virtual panorama is assembled of several photos taken by ultra wide-angle lens and united with the help of special programs in one seamless image, creating the effect of your presence in the center of the virtual 3d panorama.

With the help of mouse or keyboard, you can view the area around, over and under you, zoom and delete items and objects, analyze details or examine the general view. Unlike the video recording, you do not depend on any camera movement; the movement in space is fully under your control. Virtual 3D spherical panorama can be enriched with any text, background sound, pop-up pictures, video clips, and etc. It is very simple to manipulate 3D panorama. By the left mouse button you can rotate the image in the desired direction (click and hold). It is enough to spin the mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out.

Some spherical 3d panoramas can be connected to each other, thus creating virtual tour (or 3D tour). By one click on the pointer in 3D panorama you make a real journey moving from one panorama to another (for example, from one room to another) or even to external web resource. For a better orientation of virtual tour visitors, 3D panorama can be accompanied by interactive map with the “radar”, showing the direction and the angle of view. The virtual tour is ideal for presentations of buildings and interiors, city tours and museum excursions, and much more. To display 3D virtual panoramas and 3D tours you do not need to install any additional programs, just Web browser.

How much is an Virtual Tour?

Our product is completely customizable thus the price can vary accordingly. Every business has unique needs and different budgets. We will work with you in providing a premium solution that highlights the special nature of your business while offering a tangible, cost effective marketing and sales tool that fits your budget. Once we discuss the particulars (player options, number of 360 scenes, number of visits, still photograph, etc) we will then be able to zero in on exact costs thus providing a clear and precise estimate/proposal for your approval before we begin. For more information on pricing please view pricing section or feel free to contact us for a Free-of-Charge consultation!

Are Virtual Tours mobile compatible?

Current studies state that ‘mobile’ represents 30% of current Internet traffic. This is expected to rise significantly over the next several years. As an extension to our Flash based product We offers HTML5 virtual tours compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android and BlackBerry devices. Additionally, We can create true standalone 360 mobile apps for your business available for distribution through the Apple Store platform.

What’s the difference between a standart Virtual Tour and an RISIRISA Virtual Tour?

Commercially “Virtual Tour” can represent everything from 360 panoramic photography guided tours to simple scrolling pictures with sound or voice narration overlay. Unfortunately, the market became and remains saturated with low budget 360 virtual tours. Many use amateur, low resolution photography and outdated technology that can not a) help differentiate properties online or b) provide much in the area of return on investment.

An RISIRISA Virtual Tour is designed first and foremost at its core to be sales result oriented and help venues best represent their wares in a manner that positively effects their bottom line. This helps businesses “stand out” in the ever competitive marketplace by providing the online viewer a uniquely interactive and visceral experience. Virtual Tours use updated Flash technology that is pre-bundled in 98% of PC’s and MAC’s shipped from factory. Your customers will not be forced to download plug-ins or suffer through java script security prompts in order to view our product. Lastly, all RISIRISA Virtual Tours can be tracked and measured with Analytics reports that are provided to our clients upon request.

Is it possible to publish Virtual Tour on Facebook?

Yes it is, and we offer this service for all our customers – the placement of created virtual tour on the corporate page of the company in the Facebook.

All modern companies are trying to develop its presence in social networks and actively attract new users. Facebook users will see the page with your virtual tour without leaving the social network, they will be able to “like” and “share” it with their friends.

Attract new clients and use virtual tours to the maximum!

Do I have to find hosting?

We provides low cost hosting for all our Virtual Tours. Our servers are private and we do not share our bandwidth with any other group or service. Furthermore, our servers have been custom designed to handle “resource intensive” applications such as Flash tours and streaming video. We strongly recommend that all clients allow us to host their Virtual Tours. Doing so will guarantee the speed and consistency on the loading process and allow to maintain the uniformity and protection of our software and product. Additionally, all our Virtual Tours are tracked and measured for results. Therefore, RISIRISA offers low cost hosting in the effort to promote this arrangement.

Our average cost for hosting is $5 per individual 360 scene/year. Therefore, a 6 scene Virtual Tour would cost $30/year. That’s it! In comparison, private server hosting can range from $20 – $50 PER MONTH with other web hosting organizations.

Do you have a “Preparation sheet” for how to prepare before the shoot?

Yes. Contact us and we can supply you with this.

Can you create 360 images from spaces that are not yet built?

We have partners that we can work with to provide 3D modeled spaces that can work with actual 360 photography, or in place of our photography. Contact us directly for more details on this service.

I have a question that is not listed here. How can i get answer?

Get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help out with that missing question and add it here.

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