Data analysis, Consulting & Strategy / value driven decision making

Site Performance Reporting

Maybe you already know how well-built your website is, how it stacks up against the competition, and why. Or maybe you have enough confidence in your web guy that actionable data and proof of results aren’t worth the request. No matter your situation, RISIRISA can give you a cost-effective and comprehensive look into what’s happening behind the scenes.

Our Site Performance report includes over 30 tests to measure your website’s accessibility, content, marketing, and technology. Together with years of industry expertise, we can help you make smart, value-driven decisions for your website going forward.

Customized Keynotes & Presentations

If your organization has special needs regarding its data presentation, We will gather an understanding of your situation, and customize an informative, resourceful, entertaining keynote or speech to captivate and inform your audience members.

Data analysis, Consulting & Strategy

Consulting services include reviewing documents and presentations for clients, suggesting improvements or alternate presentations as appropriate. Contact us if you have data you’d like plotted or if you have other special requests.

  • Data mining and analysis: Data scraping, processing and cleaning, general statistics, clustering/modeling, variable interactions, charts and graphs.
  • Textual data wrangling: Got lots of text? I can help you parse it, mine it, summarize it, navigate it, view it.
  • Customer research data analysis: Create customer segments or personas from data, textual analysis of customer comments/feedback/posts, survey response analysis, log mining…
  • Data visualization (“infovis”): Visualize patterns in your data, let you interact with it in javascript prototypes (such as D3.js).
  • Interaction (UX) design for data-oriented apps: from requirements to wireframes and light interactive prototypes; specifically for data presentation, data-rich applications, or data tools such as dashboards.


Selected Consulting & Strategy works from our portfolio


The Stars-Bridge group was founded in 2010 with the purpose of supporting and promoting contemporary Russian artists.


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